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Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most


Chris Pratt Visits ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ at Rockefeller Center on September 25, 2014 in New York City

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Angus and Julia Stone photographed by Jennifer Stenglein

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Aerial Shot of Muhammed Ali after knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966.

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“ You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you. ”


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This makes me think a lot

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Poke I did to Gaia, more to be added // healed pics to come

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"Where are we going?"

"Out of our minds"

Across the Universe (2007)

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"You’re too good for me, you’re too good for anyone"

Submarine (2010)
Richard Ayoade

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Ignas Krunglevicius - Interrogation, 2009

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if i sigh loudly enough will all of my problems go away 

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I am so in love with this picture.

I love the messy hair, and the black under her tired eyes, his unbuttoned shirt. I like the imperfections in this picture yet they’re genuinely smiling and happy.

this is my favourite picture ever

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